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Blockage in the heart is a very serious disease. In this, the heartbeat starts moving very slowly. The problem of blockage in the heart can occur at any age, but mostly it occurs only after the age of 30 years. It is often seen that people get very nervous when there is a blockage in the heart. In fact, it is a disease that needs serious treatment rather than panic. Do you know that home remedies to open heart blockage can cure the disease. In some people, the problem of blockage in the heart starts with birth, while in some people this problem develops when they become adults.

Heart is a muscular part of the body, which transmits blood (blood) with oxygen and other essential nutrients throughout the body. Heart is the busiest part of the body, a little carelessness towards its health can push us towards serious heart problems and diseases. According to a WHO report, out of ten thousand Indians in India every year, 272 Indians die of heart disease or heart disease. Every year three million people lose their lives due to stroke and heart attack in India, 40% of them are under the age of 55. In India, this figure is increasing at a very fast pace every year. In India alone around 6 crore new heart patients are found every year, and we are not able to save one patient out of every 4 patients. This is a serious problem. Heart attack and stroke occur due to heart blockage.

What is Heart Blockage? 

When kapha dhatu accumulates in the walls of the arteries located in the heart, the disorder that arises from it is called heart blockage. Due to modern lifestyle and negligent habits in eating and drinking, the problem of heart blockage is becoming common in most of the people. The problem of heart blockage is also congenital. The problem of congenital blockage is called congenital heart blockage. The later problem is called acquired heart blockage.

Any blockage in the coronary arteries affects the blood supply to the heart. This leads to the formation of blood clots, due to which heart attack or heart attack occurs. This is called acute myocardial infarction. Here many remedies to open heart blockage have been written in very simple language (heart blockage treatment in Jaipur) so that you can take full advantage of it.

Due to Heart Blockage

The block is made up of a mixture of cholesterol, fat, fibrous tissue and white blood cells. This mixture gradually sticks to the walls of the veins. This is what causes heart block. There are two types of block in the heart. When it is thick and hard, such a block is called a stable block. When it is soft, it is considered suitable to be broken. This is called an unstable block.

(Stable Plaque)

This type of block grows slowly. This gives the blood flow a chance to find its way to the new arteries. This is called a collateral vessel. This vessel bypasses the blocked artery, and supplies the necessary blood and oxygen to the heart muscle. The amount of interference from the stable block does not matter. It does not even cause a serious heart attack.

(Unstable Plaque)

In a temporary block, when the block breaks, a dangerous clot forms. This does not give the collateral enough time to develop. The person's muscles get severely damaged. Many times the patient has a sudden heart attack due to this, or the patient becomes a victim of Sudden Cardiac death.

Symptoms of heart blockage These can be symptoms of heart blockage-

  • frequent headaches

  • dizziness or fainting

  • chest pain

  • breathlessness

  • shortness of breath

  • feeling tired at work

  • being over tired

  • faint

  • pain in the neck, upper abdomen, jaw, throat, or back

  • pain or numbness in your feet or hands

  • Weakness or chills.

These symptoms of heart blockage should not be ignored, because these symptoms can also become symptoms of heart attack later.

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