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Navigating Heart Failure: A Comprehensive Guide to Heart Failure Clinics


The heart failure clinic cares for people whose heart is not pumping blood around their body as effectively as it should be. Explore our comprehensive guide to heart failure clinics, offering invaluable insights into specialized cardiac care. Discover how these clinics empower patients, provide cutting-edge treatments, and offer hope for a healthier heart.

How a person is referred to a heart failure clinic?

If your GP suspects you might have heart failure they will often do some blood tests to look for signs of weakness or strain on the heart. Following this, they will then refer you to the heart failure clinic.

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What happens at the heart failure clinic?

We will triage and your referral and you will be sent an appointment for echocardiogram and ECG.

However, if we think you have heart problems, you will be reviewed in clinic on the same day.

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What tests will I have at my appointment?

It is likely that you will require a number of different tests which may include:

  • CT scan

  • MRI scan

  • Coronary angiogram

  • Electrical tests

What care will I receive at home?

Patients with heart failure often require treatment with a number of different medications. This will be supervised by specialist community teams with guidance from the hospital consultants.

If your condition is stable, you will be cared for by your GP. However, you will continue to have access to hospital and community teams if needed.

Cardiac rehabilitation

If you have heart failure, you will benefit from supervised exercise regimes and may require healthy lifestyle changes. Therefore, we might refer you to the cardiac rehabilitation teams for support.

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Additional treatment

You might need more advanced cardiology treatments such as:

  • A pacemaker or implantable defibrillator

  • Angioplasty

  • Ablation procedures for rhythm disturbances

  • Surgery for heart valve problems.

Your cardiologist will advise if they think any of these procedures are necessary or appropriate.

What happens If I become unwell?

If you become unwell with heart failure and need admission to hospital you will usually be managed by the heart failure specialist team.